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The last time I bought a laptop, it was 2005 and I walked in to Best Buy, found a Gateway model in my price range that was sort of like the one I used at work, and walked out with it.  I did no research, and basically only cared about the price and whether or not I could fit the laptop in my LLBean Boat-n-Tote.  Surprisingly, this laptop, which I had named LaFawnduh, after the character in Napoleon Dynamite, still runs, and would probably last me another couple years or so if I was gentle with it.  But, it was slowing down, overheating, and took approximately one hour to start up if it needed to be rebooted.  So, it was time for a new one.

Before we left NJ, I ordered a new laptop, finally.  I did a little more research this time than I had five years ago, but really, I knew I wanted something with a built in camera for Skype and Youtube, enough storage for mad songs and pictures, and a processor that was somewhat advanced.  I was looking at Macbooks,  but in the end, I wanted to stick with a PC because they are familiar and don’t cost hundreds of extra dollars for seemingly no reason.  I even tried to see if I could get trade in value for my old computer at Apple,  but my processor was so old that the website told me, very nicely, sorry, your computer is junk.

Enter Princess, my shiny new Dell Studio 17 OPI laptop.  I got it in the color Princesses Rule!, which is glittery pink.  I transferred over all my files and programs from Lafawnduh  last night, and am already loving it.  Yay!

In other news, Josh and I went to the DMV this morning to get my name changed on my license, to get him a CT license, and to get him CT plates for his car.  My last driver’s license picture was an actual Good Picture of me.  My hair looked cute, my makeup was good, I was not 40 pounds overweight, I was 27, and I was running on a full night of sleep.  Now, my hair hasn’t been cut since January, I put on one coat of mascara this morning, I am 40 pounds overweight, I am 30, and I got four hours of sleep last night.  That does not result in a Good Picture. Oh well, at least my nerdiness can be indulged this afternoon, when we walk to the library and get new library cards with our new licenses.

The Garden State

Now that I am firmly settled back in the lovely state of Connecticut, where I belong, I can say that I will miss two things about living in New Jersey:

1.  The gas is cheap and NJ is a full service only state.  I know that on the first bitterly cold day of the winter, I will be cursing having to pump my own gas.  (True story: in the Willowbrook Mall, which was five minutes down the street from our apartment, there was a kiosk that sold t-shirts that said things like, “Pump Fists, Not Gas” over the state outline of NJ.)

2.  I will miss driving down Route 3 in Clifton, and coming to the crest of that hill right before Allwood Drive, and seeing the NYC skyline, like, RIGHT there.  The proximity to the city was really cool, and while Grand Central Station is infinitely better than Penn Station, there are few things more ruling than an $8 round trip ticket for a ten minute train ride to arguably the greatest city in the world being SO accessible.  It’s not like I’m far now, and actually, I can walk to my little Shoreline East train station in my town and take that to New Haven, avoiding the parking charges there, but it was really cool to be that close.

And yet, it is SO good to be back home.

31 Ruling Things About Stef

Today is my friend Stef’s 31st birthday!  Happy Birthday to Stephanie!

Here are 31 ruling things about Stef:

1.  She is an actual makeup artist, which means that instead of Pulling a Rebekah and just talking about the awesome things she wants to do, she actually does them.

2.  And she’s GOOD.  She did my makeup for my wedding, as well as another bridesmaid’s, and we both looked amazing.

3.  She was one of the few people at QU who listened to the college radio station, but did not work there or have a show on it.  She just liked college radio.

4.  She can broom dance.

5.  She introduced me to Six Feet Under, which is easily the best television series of all time.

6.  She understands what BCBB means and the full implications of b-ing or B-ING.

7.  She knows how to spell B.

8.  She is an Irma Girl.

9.  She knows that the only true nickname for Matthew is Matti, with a heart over the i.

10.  She is a Little Monster.

11.  She once flew to Vegas specifically to see The Celine in concert.  (While I am not a fan of The Celine, it is pretty awesome to go somewhere that requires a four hour flight specifically for a concert.)

12.  She always has great hair.

13.  She totally understood that sometimes, boys are dumb and don’t let you have friends.

14.  She’s one of the most loyal people I’ve ever known.

15.  She loves cats AND dogs, and all furry creatures.

16.  She was a vegetarian for like 16 years, and only had to stop recently for very specific medical reasons.

17.  She’s extremely intelligent, and is easily the most socially savvy person I know, besides.

18.  She survived The Nuthouse AND The Traymore.

19.  She drives a Beetle.

20.  She understands how it feels to love Jordan Catalano.

21.  She is always willing to let me vent to her, and always has an appropriate, helpful response.

22.  She’s friends with me even though I once let someone hold her down and pour beer down her throat (or did I pour the beer down her throat?).

23.  She knows who the following people are: Big, LRB, OLB, WNJ, and The Big JC.

24.  She knows how awesome it is to be in Boston for something totally lame, and happen upon something totally ruling in Government Center that totally saves the entire day.

25.  She was the only person I knew at QU freshman year who knew who moe. was.

26.  She is always fully accessorized.

27.  She transferred to BU for a semester, but came back to QU because it was just that awesome there.

28.  She always smells good.  Always.  I lived with Stef for four years and never once encountered her not smelling nice, even on the most hungover of post-Nuthouse party mornings.

29.  She makes the best enchiladas I’ve ever had.

30.  We have been to the following concerts together:  Live, Blink-182/Green Day, The Cranberries, John Mayer, the B.B. King Blues Festival, Dave Matthews, the Bosstones, the Mighty Purple (which we only stayed for like ten minutes of), and Lady Gaga.  (Did I miss any?)

31.  She is an excellent, excellent friend.

Happy Birthday, Stef!!!